CalQLife is a dynamic software solution enabling advisers to substantiate the need for clients to protect their lifestyle.

What is CalQLife?

Now that we are in the post RDR world and given that we know that commission will remain for protection sales, more and more advisers are turning to this arena as a way of protecting and/or increasing their income.

We are all aware that protection isn’t the easiest subject to broach or sell with clients as such many advisers need help to make the most of the opportunities available in this marketplace.

CalQLife will provide you with a robust advice process, thus increasing your protection sales and increase your number of multi-proposal sales.

CalQLife will also assist in increasing and solidifying your persistency.

"The CalQLife system is proving invaluable to our protection advice process. It gives a client a real reason for taking up the protection products that we recommend. This has resulted in increased sales and will no doubt enhance persistency rates."

Jeremy Heans, Director, HRD Financial Ltd
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