Adviser Benefits

The use of CalQLife within the day to day structure of your business will provide you with the following benefits:

Increased Sales

The detailed structure of the report has been designed to highlight individual key areas of protection for your client/clients in the event of sickness or death. Such is the power of the report your clients will find it impossible not to recognise their needs as they see their personal shortfalls within a bespoke report.

To assist you in boosting your business further, CalQLife contains additional functionality which will provide an annual reminder on the Dashboard that a year has passed since you produced a report for your client. This is designed as a prompt for you to re-contact your client to undertake a review and provide your client with an updated report thereby giving you the potential to provide additional advice and thus earn additional commission.

By providing an updated copy of the report at your annual client review, your client will remain bought into the reason why they purchased their protection, thus cementing the previous policy sale and therefore increasing your persistency and securing your long term revenue from protection sales.

Protecting your business

By utilising the CalQLife process with every client you will also be protecting your business as you will be pro-actively demonstrating the full protection requirements for each and every client. In doing so, you will also protect yourself and your business against complaints that the fullest possible protection wasn’t recommended in the event of your client falling ill or even dying. Should your client choose not to follow your advice you are able to evidence that the fullest possible advice was provided and not taken forward.

CalQLife will also provide you with a comprehensive appendix to your report which will confirm the calculations used in arriving at the sums assured being recommended to your client.

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