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Given that the majority of protection policies that are currently sold in the UK are sold to cover debts such as mortgages and personal credit, using the example of an adviser who currently sells three such policies per week at the current average of £29.00pm, he or she will earn £1,914pw commission (3 x £638).

By using CalQLife the adviser in question will be able to up-sell the following:

  • Half a policy at £15.00pm to cover additional debt, funeral expenses and emergency funds
  • Three quarters of a policy to cover income shortfall at £22.00pm
  • Policy and a quarter for sickness cover at £36.00pm

This will lead to an increase in revenue of £228,096 (249%). If the adviser in question is only half as successful as CalQLife can lead you to be, for example, if only half of the protection needs are tackled at once, then he or she will still benefit from an increase in income of £95,040 (103.45%).

Click the link below which applies to yourself and/or your business and then enter the requested data to see the financial benefits that the CalQLife process can bring to you.

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    See what CalQLife can bring you as a company.

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