Licence Costs

As a web application CalQLife is available to your business wherever an internet connection is available. In addition, a licence allows you to register an unlimited number of advisers from within your business at no additional cost. CalQLife therefore gives the ultimate flexibility to you and your business whether you are a sole trader or have a number of advisers based in a single location or spread across the country.

A CalQLife licence is available to your business for a monthly cost of £24.90 (inclusive of vat), payable by direct debit, plus an additional cost of £1.00 per client report produced (inclusive of vat). The client report costs will also be collected by direct debit at the same time as your monthly fee. Once you have produced a client report it is valid for 180 days thus allowing you to provide additional reports for your client within this period at no additional cost.

To place the costs into comparison an additional sale of only £4.00pm premium will provide an additional £90.00 commission, an additional sale of £15.00pm premium will provide an additional £330.00 commission and as we have already seen, an additional average sale of £29.00pm will provide an additional £638.00.

CalQLife represents a great opportunity for you to make an appreciable, lasting, financial difference to your business that from virtually the outset will become self-funding for life.

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